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Has Adonai touched your life in a way that deserves to be shouted out to the world to hear so Adonai can get the Thanks and Glory that only He deserves?  Here is one way to do that.  This page is dedicated to Testimonies of what Adonai has done for you. If you have a Testimony you want to share on Hope of Israel's web site email us your Testimony at hopeofisraelmin@aol.com   and let us post it on our site so everyone can rejoice in your blessing and give Adonai the Glory....Amen 

We look forward to hearing from you.....Shalom and Much Love in Yeshua!!!

God Got R' Done!


Cathy Joliff sends us another testimony from her son Andy and His Friend George.

Hope of Israel,
    I want to say thank you to all of you who prayed for Andy and George while they were away on their mission trip. It was an amazing experience!  I am very relieved they're back home, safe.  However, I am very thankful that G-D sent them and used them for His Kingdom purposes.  As Andy's mom, thank you for any prayers said for the boys safety.  I do have a mother's heart, and it was hard letting go even though Adonai had made it clear to me that the boys were to go.  I knew He had a purpose for sending them, and His will would be accomplished.  Even though serving Him doesn't always lead us to "safe" places, it is always the right and best thing to do.  May His Kingdom come, His will be done!!!
    I know your prayers made a huge difference in salvations that took place, strength for the boys, and they even supported me...just knowing you were there and praying.  Thank you seems so very lacking to say, but I hope you will hear my heart! 
    Continue to pray for the one's who recently have accepted Yeshua as Savior.  Pray also for the YWAM organization.  That organization sends wave upon wave of young people on missions throughout the world.....impacting our world for Yeshua.  Continue to pray that the LORD of the harvest will send more workers, for the harvest is ready and the workers are few.
Hope of Israel,
   Shalom!   For those of you praying for my son, Andy, and his friend, George,and the hearts and lives they will touch I wanted to let you know they are now in Port Headland, Australia.  Here is a brief note from Andy. Plus, I want to thank you for your prayers! 
I'm in Port Headland now. It's very nice here.. Super rich. This is the largest Iron Ore Mining place in the world. It's pretty neat. They say every time a train leaves here it is worth 12 million dollars!  So that's pretty impressive.

 I have church tomorrow; then Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, we will go into primary schools. Which is kids ages 6-12, I think. and have 45 minutes each day to share the gospel with these kids. So me and a buddy made a program out for the 8-11 year olds. So pray that goes well and many hearts are changed. 

Home is so close but the last week is gonna be the hardest.
 God bless!





Mom and Dad,

Baguio, Philippines is where we are now. There is no actual YWAM base here. We have been lucky enough to stay in a condo that YWAM here has provided for us. They are pioneering and hoping to get a base in the next three years. 

We will be doing red light district evangelism, church services, and we also get to have breakfast and pray over the city with the head government officials here. So that is pretty cool! Then Wednesday we will be leaving and heading to another place about 7 hours away. for about 5 days then to another place for about 5 days, then to Manilla for about 5 days, then back to Australia.

So yeah, things are going well!

But hey, I'd like to call when I get the chance. It's been awhile!

Love you!


Mom and Dad,
     I miss you all! Thanks for the Easter wishes, and I wish them back to you also. I'm missing home, but God is good, and He sure is doing a lot here! Somewhere around 30 salvations have been done, and 1 instant healing has been done in just my group so far and there are 4 other groups here!  Pretty awesome! But yeah that's the update, only two more weeks left in Cebu, then two weeks in the northern Philippines and on to Manilla. 
 Love ya!

Andy J.
Dear Hope of Israel,
    I had only heard from Andy once since his arrival in the Philippines, and that was just to find out he had arrived safely.  Each night in bed, my thoughts and prayers go to him, wondering how he is, if he likes it, and in general how he's doing.  Each morning I check my email first thing to see if there's a note from him.  My prayers were answered this morning!
Blessings in Yeshua,
It's going pretty good. One week down. Ha ha! But the corruption is ridiculous. I am enjoying it so far. It's a lot better than sitting in a classroom everyday. We actually get to go out and do things. We have gone to one slum and a jail so far. I publicly said my testimony at both of them, and then we did the Life House Everything skit for them too. We got to interact with the people and they were a lot of fun. I got to play basketball with the guys at the jail. I notice that I really like to interact, not preach.. Ha ha!

But I'm gonna go, I hope everything is going well. I love you guys!


Hello!  Well we are now done with the lecture phase of our exciting six month adventure.  We actually leave in approximately one hour!  It will be quite a while before we get to the Philippines.  We have a 14 1/2 hour lay over in Brunei where we will be staying in a hotel overnight.  Rumor has it, it is a beautiful little country.  Then tomorrow we will get into Manila, Philippines.  From there we will travel down to Cebu and spend four weeks there doing a bunch of exciting stuff.  After that we will travel up north, not exactly sure what city we will be going to but we will need our malaria medicine. We will stay there for three weeks.  Then we will go back to Manila for the last week in the Philippines.  We will then be traveling back to Australia where we will be holding seminars at high schools and working with youth groups.  Should get back to base on June 14th.  Needless to say, we are pretty anxious to get started!
We aren't sure how often we will be able to access the Internet while on outreach, but we will definitely keep you guys informed.  Thank you guys again for making this possible!  Please keep us in your prayers as you will be in ours.  
In Christ's Love,
Andy and George
Hello everyone!
Well it is now week number nine of our lecture phase.  Pretty hard to believe that we have been living in a room of twenty guys in Australia for the last two months.  This week we are learning about "God's Father Heart."  It is only one day in but it is going to be awesome.  We have a rather large Samoan man teaching us this week named Peni.  He is just about the definition of a big teddy bear.  Normally Mondays are mostly just introductory days where the speaker tells us about themselves and gives a brief overview of what we are going to cover, but today was pretty interesting.
The fees to go on outreach are due in about a week and a half.  Thanks to all of you and the grace of God, we are both completely paid off.  Hallelujah! But the school as a whole still needs just over $112,000.  So tonight Peni was talking about how God can work miracles if we just have faith in Him and hold nothing back.  He had us take up an offering that lasted only about ten minutes and only consisted of the 75 students.  After the lecture was over they told us how much money was collected, $29,000!  Pretty amazing.  We are still trying to comprehend how that happened, but we can probably just put that down as a God-thing.  Our school still needs to raise a lot more money but it is safe to say that the spirits were raised a little bit tonight.
We only have three more weeks of lecture phase and then we are off to outreach.  Trying to just take it one day at a time, but we can't wait!  These next few weeks are completely necessary and everything, but we are just ready to get going.  It is pretty amazing to see all the things that God is doing in our lives as well as in the lives of all the other students.  God really can transform.  The coolest thing is, we aren't even half way done and just getting ready to start the real thing.  So cool!
In closing, we just can't tell you all enough how much we appreciate all of your support.  You have ALL really changed our lives forever.  As of now we just want to ask you to keep praying for us and all of the other students, and you will be in our prayers as well.  Thank you again..  We love you!!!!
In Christ's Love,
George & Andy


Another letter from  Cathy Jolliff's son Andy and his friend George:

Well, we now know where we are going on outreach!  It is actually quite an amazing story.  The leaders made the announcements of the nine destinations on a Friday then we had the weekend to pray and get a word from God on where we are supposed to go.  The leaders also made us promise not to discuss where we were going with any of the other students.  That next Tuesday we turned in our selections and then it wasn't until that Friday that they announced the final teams.  It was rather difficult because we had planned on going on the same outreach together, but we knew that we couldn't discuss anything and therefore only had a one-in-nine chance of choosing the same outreach.  Well, God is good!  We both prayed all weekend and God very clearly told each of us where to go, and it just happened to be to the same place. It was pretty funny when the teams were being announced and it came to our team.  Our leader said Andy's name and then said oh no this is trouble, George.  About that time the whole classroom erupted with shouts, laughs, and maybe even a few boo's.  Luckily our leader defended us and said that we had both individually approached him about why we had wanted to go there and that he knew we had not discussed it.  We are just in awe of God.  We will be going to the Philippines for seven weeks, not exactly sure where we are going there or what we will be doing.  Then we will be going to Northern Australia, which is known as the real Australia around here, for four weeks.  We will be putting together seminars and going around to high schools speaking to kids about all kinds of life issues that they deal with.  We will be doing other things as well but that is the main focus.  It is going to be amazing!
Things are going very well here during lecture phase as well though.  We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves thinking about outreach because we still have over six more weeks here.  It is definitely necessary though.  Every week it seems like God just reveals more and more of Himself to us and challenges us to work on new things in our lives.  Last week was on "Lordship", which was pretty much just about surrendering every single thing in our lives to God.  Don't know about you guys but that is a real struggle for us that we continue to deal with but are definitely on the path to continual improvement.  This week is on "Bible Unity."  We are pretty much learning the importance of really being unified and loving our brothers and sisters.  It is a simple concept but can be difficult to apply to every aspect of your life.  We are only half way through the weeks, but have already learned a lot and taken a lot of notes.  The speaker this week is actually the base leader, she is an awesome woman.  Looking forward to the rest of the week.
This weekend we are going on a school camping trip.  We really have no clue what we are going to do there but hopefully there will be some fishing going on.  It will be great just being able to hang out and sleep under the stars.  Hopefully we won't get to have any encounters with the Australian wildlife.  It is going to be good times though!
Well we hope everything is going awesome back home!  Let us know if there is any way that we can pray for you and please keeps us in your prayers.  We want to again tell you guys how much we appreciate you guys.  We think about you all a lot, without you guys none of this would ever be possible.  Thank you so much!  We love you all.
In Christ's Love
George & Andy



Below is another letter from Cathy's Son Andy.  Thanks for sharing your Son's joy in the Lord with us Cathy.  God be Praised!

Subject: Australia #3


These past few weeks have been pretty amazing! God's been moving so much and we have been learning tons! Last week we studied "Forgiveness and Repentance." And on the application day, Friday, we all confessed any sin in our lives and nailed it on the cross. It was a very intense but good day.

We would confess our sin to the group and then we would get prayed for by two leaders that were at our sides the entire time. After the prayer was over, we would go to the cross and nail our list of sins to the cross. It was a symbolic thing that made it so real and also showed us how we need to go the cross every time we need forgiveness and to fully repent from it. 

This past week, the topic was "Worship and Intercession." We learned about what it really means to come to Christ in worship and how to pray as group for things other than ourselves. One thing that really stuck out to us was to really come to worship with a clear mind. Then before you start, you ask God what He wants us to do during this time. It may be to kneel on your knees, dance for joy, or even draw a picture. Whatever it may be Christ will allow you to show His worth to you through it. And He maybe even will speak to you on things you need to work on.

So every week things keep getting better and better. Christ keeps on moving more and more and we try to soak in every aspect of Him we can. The strict schedules are challenging at times, but we know Christ has something to say to us during every part of the day. We want to thank everyone again for the support! And we thank you for your prayer also as you are in ours!

God Bless!

Andy & George 2-2-2009


The following is two emails from Cathy Jolliff's son Andy as he is on missions over in Austrilia.  These are very good and Adonai deserves all the Glory for what He is doing in this young man's life.  I am sure that Cathy is one proud Mom of your Son serving the Lord.  Praise be to Adonai.....Amen!

Hey, so it's the weekend now! Plans tomorrow, I have work duties for an hour in the morning then I'm thinking the beach? Ha! It's so hot here right now. So that would be amazing. But this week was pretty cool. It was about the character and nature of God. It really opened my eyes to how things actually work. Like, how God doesn't hate us when we sin, or He doesn't think less of us when we do it. It's just the fact that we hurt Him and that we can't be with Him, in his presence(spelling?) with sin. So that was pretty cool. I had an instance last night that was pretty awesome. I have met a pretty good friend, Chris, he's from South Africa. And we went out last night to do Thursday night evangelism. I was kind of nervous so I started praying to God. I asked Him to give us His words as we speak and that He knows who we should talk to. I also asked it He would just make it easy for us, because I had never done evangelism before. So we arrive in down town Perth and this kid around our age shows up asking what we were doing. So we told him and started talking to him about God and asked him if he went to church or anything. He was like well, I don't but my whole family does, I'm just not really into it. So we start to worship in the street, just asking God to bring His presence there. And the kid stayed with us the whole time. And a girl that couldn't speak English very well came up to us. So then Chuky(the kid that came up to us) stayed with us the whole time and we were all just trying to help this girl out with her English. So Chris and I are going to help teach it to her. We are making arrangements with her ask we speak. So Chuky ended up hanging out with us for three hours. I shared a little of my testimony to him and he was just kind of  like, "wow." So we exchanged info and gave him the YWAM web site. So hopefully there was a seed planted there. But all in all it has been good. That is a small fraction of what's been going on so it's pretty exciting. Tell everyone I said hello and I'm looking forward to the package! Love you guys!

Andy J. 01-17-2009

So, I was just sitting down today during our small group time and all of the sudden "Mathew 15:29" pops up in my head. I wasn't even sure if there was such a verse. So I looked it up. It's when Christ walks up on the mountain top, sits down, all the people come to Him, and He does many healings. It was just like God saying to me, "Look what I can do when I'm sitting down on the side of the hill. Now nothing is more than I can handle." It was like, wow! Haha and I was just like wow, it is so easy for Him to show us His love, it is just up to us to accept it and ask for it. So that was a revelation for me tonight. I thought it was pretty cool. Ha, bye, love you!

-Andy 01-20-2009


A Testimony to Glorify God

Revelation 12:11

by Lynda McCoy

Friday June 13, 2008

......one year later

It is written in Psalms 119:160: "The main thing about God's word is that it's true."  Exactly one year ago Today (on June 13, 2008) I found myself on an operating table. That is a very startling experience. So far the first time in days, I had a lucid moment. As I  looked around the room, I knew where I was and what was about to happen. My immediate thought was to jump off the the table and run out of the room. However, reealizing that that was physically impossible at that instant, I closed my eyes and quickly prayed and committed myself (Spirit, Soul and Body ) into the hands of Adonai Yireh (the Lord will see to it). (see Psalms 31:5 CJB) I was comforted with scripture that I later learned was in Job 11:16-19 and Romans 15:13. Then I prayed that Adonai would guide the hands of the surgeons. That was my last conscious thought before everything went black.  Seemingly, days later, I woke up----still on earth. Psalms 124:8 says "our help is in the name of Adonai, the maker of Heaven and Earth.") I thank God for the two top Doctors he had in place, but only God could heal me and He did.  Doctors do what they are trained to do, but Yeshua is the only Healer!   Even though I was not given a good prognosis, I had no peace about submitting to chemotherapy, so I didn't.  God's word never fails, so I continue to take God's word like medicine daily as it is written: "God sent His word and healed me and delivered me from my destructions." (Psalms 107:20)  Also , "I called to Adonai in my distress and He answered me." (Psalms 120:1) "Our help is in the name of Adonai, maker of Heaven and Earth." (Psalms 124:8) "God himself kept his promise and let me live." (Psalms 119:170-175)  Heartfelt thanks to all those at Hope of Israel who prayed for me last year. Special thanks especially to Rabstor Robert and Delilah Brown. You are the ones who stayed with me throughout my trials. (Luke 22:28) I'm sticking with Adonai--- All Glory to Him!!!


Psalms 38 CJB is a reminder of the way I was a year ago.

Glory to Adonai for all that he does.

                                   Lynda McCoy


I shared testimony with the congregation on Saturday 04/26/08 of an event that occurred the previous Sunday.

That day, I was busy alone outside constructing a raised bed for my new fruit - Strazzberries. During the morning, I was busy digging, moving about 2 tons of clay. I sensed I might be experiencing low blood sugar. Went in, checked and sure enough, my sugars were 44 mg/dL. I stopped ate lunch and returned to the project. Being consumed by the work, I wasn't sure of the passage of time. Best guess 2 - 3 hours. Suddenly my equilibrium shifted. I immediately stopped and began awkwardly running to the house. I fell on the concrete perimeter, scraped my knee and hit my head. I was down in a half conscious state for a while - maybe an hour. During this period my sugar level was falling. 

I startled and tried to get inside. Once inside, I was literally bouncing off the walls. I collided with a pantry cabinet in the kitchen. Cut my arm open and went down a second time, this time on the kitchen floor. Time passed with the sugars now going to emergency levels I assume. I didn't have the strength or the ability to stand up to get juice from the refrigerator.

I remember faintly a very brief prayer - Thy will be done.

Some indeterminate time later, I startled again. I looked into my left hand. It held an empty juice glass, which showed evidence of containing orange juice.

How did it get there? Who put it there?   

We know the answer to these questions. Yeshua wasn't ready for me to expire that day at that time.

We are all actors in God's play.

May each of you who reads this, find encouragement in knowing that losing self control doesn't mean control over one's self has been lost, as the Creator of the Universe is always in control and things happen according to HIS will...... by David Regan




I would like to share another testimony that happened the first year I excepted Y'shua Ha'Mashiach as my L-RD and Savior, back in Feburary of 2000, making a vow to Him then, that I'd believe every Word of His, and that I would not let man's word influance me in any way. Well in the spring of 2000 April or May it was, I'm not for curtain, all I remember was it was already a very hot and humid spring. I was living in Marshall, Ill. and started attending a Church in Casey, Ill. I and the dear friend who led me to the L-RD went to this Church together, we'd go to service in the mornings and most of the times we'd attend the eveing services too, so I'd  hang out with her at her place, she lived in Martinsville, Ill. which was closer and so I wouldn't have to drive all the way home and then back in the evenings, plus we both loved hanging out together becasue we loved talking about the L-RD and studied His Word, well anyway this one weekend I had brought one of my fans to her place because unfourtently her air-conditionar had broke down the day before and since we were going to sit there during the day, waiting to go back to the evening service. it was down right hot, using every fan we had and using wet cloths and spary bottles to try and keep us somewhat comfortable, it wasn't easy as it was so hot to go outside, that humidity was terrable. But we just loved talking about G-D and His Word. Well any way later that afternoon as we were sitting there in her living room, I was facing in the West, as I had noticed in the distance, the skys were looking really dark in the North West telling my friend, "it looks like we are going to get a nice storm!", we continued in our talk on the L-RD, and well about 20 to 30 minutes later the sky's started getting darker closer to us, and the winds blew in, so I had suggested to my friend, that we should go outside and catch some of this nice breeze before the rains came, as it was still very humid inside, Oh it felt so good as we continued our talk out her back door, sitting there cooling down and enjoying the continued conversation, and well within 15 minutes or so as we're talking I hear this rumbling sound, asking my friend if she heard it, she thought and said, "maybe it's a train coming in", as she only lived about 1/4 mile away from the tracks, and well I grew up around tracks all my life too and it didn't sound like no train to me, but I didn't say anything as we got back to talking about the L-RD, but that noise was getting even louder, so I asked her again, "do you hear that?" and well about the same time we both looked straight up over our heads, and the clouds were swirling right over our heads, like a whirlpool moving fast, and as soon as both of us were looking up we both at the same time looked at one another, looking back on it now, it seemed like a cartoon, my friend and I, the looks on our faces, I know her eyes and mouth were wide open and I also believe mine were as well, we couldn't believe what was happening right over our heads, we again looked right back up seeing this whirlpool picking up speed and seeing the whirpool grow, larger and larger, then the center of it started comeing down, it was a funnel, I heard my friend starting to pray to the FATHER of heaven and all I could do was stand there shaking my head in agreement, in everything she was saying, I was new in this and, so I just let her do the praying and I just agreed with every thing, she rebuked this storm using the Word of G-D and asking G-D for His protection, well as soon as she started praying as I was still watching over my head, the funnel was sucked right back up into this whirpool, and the whirlppol shattered like a shattered plate, and blew on East of us. ADONAI Elohim spoke to me then and said, "See this is the POWER of Prayer" and I was just in Awe and shook my head "YES' to what G-D the FATHER said to me. ADONAI Elohim does and wants to speak to us we just have to wait and listen to His still small voice and know, that you know, that you know it is Him. Barooch Ha'Shem Praise the L-RD. I hope I wasn't to long winded, it's just hard to try and share a testimony, and to try and make it short, there's just no way, I just feel you can't leave anything out. I just Hope and Pray that you are truly blessed and lifted up with this testimony and that you can see and know that ADONAI is the One and only true living G-D and we do have power in Y'shua Ha'Mashiach Name. BELIEVE Ah-main. May the L-RD bless and keep you. Shalom to all. Love in Y'shua Jackie  Tikvah Y'srael            



       I would like to share a testimony that happened to me back on the 28, of  January 2003 a friend and I took this other lady to a church for deliverance which was awesome in it's self, seeing the Work of G-D. It was our last evening as we talked and thanked these people afterwards and giving GOD all the praise, then we all were basically getting ready to leave, when 2 of the 3 people who done this deliverance, said wait, "we didn't pray for you" meaning in me, and I for one am shy and don't like to be the center of attention, so I was just trying to leave but they were persistent in praying for me so I finally gave in and allowed them to pray over me, but before praying they had asked if there was anything in particular I needed prayer on, well I was just so nervous of the attention I just couldn't think of anything, so they just went into prayer over me and well after they prayed we thanked them again and we left. I didn't  feel any different at least then I didn't , my one friend and I were talking on the way out to the car and I couldn't even tell you what was prayed over me, as I asked my friend hoping to find out from her if she knew and she didn't. During the deliverance and all of us talking afterwards and I honestly couldn't wait to get back out to the car because I was so desperately wanting a cigarette, having one of those nicotine fits. And then we finally got out to the car and my one friend lit up as soon as we got in and I still had a partial cigarette in my ashtray but didn't light it, I didn't even have the urge for one anymore, I know I looked at it but that was all and I didn't say a word to the others right then, I wanted to know for sure and I didn't want to let anyone try to tell me any different, if that makes sense. And I drove all the way home without no one even noticing that I didn't even light up once. I know I talked with G-D all the way home, and in total amazement , but still holding my excitement, still hoping this was truly from G-D. I did not tell anyone for 3 days what G-D had done, and during those 3 days I was talking with G-D and HE was showing me things, I had been praying and talking with G-D about my smoking and how I wanted to quit but how scared I was of quitting and through all that time which had been months of me talking and sharing with HIM my feelings on it and well you can't argue with G-D HE'S always right and it's also comical as G-D showed me that HE does have a good sense of humor as well, Ha-ha-ha!!! I told G-D I didn't want to gain any weight by quitting smoking, well within days a dog came up to me as I was taking out my trash, she's still with me today, G-D said to me, "here's your exercise" "Gee! thanks G-D, then I said to G-D the smoking is my security blanket, G-D said to me, "I AM your security blanket just lean on ME" Another thing G-D reminded me of and it was either the night before or that same evening of our last visit there, I was talking with G-D and I said to HIM, "If only I could touch the hem of your garment LORD, I'd be healed from these cigarettes, and well I had forgotten I said that at the time of being prayed over but PRAISE BE TO ADONAI, HE sure didn't. And about 2 weeks after that I was driving to Bible study, when G-D spoke to me, asking me, "how does it feel to be free from smoking", and I didn't think of it in that way till HE asked me that, and I was saying, "yeah" to G-D because I was a prisoner in that, I really was and now I have been set free. In the mighty name and power of Y'SHUA.  And well I have not smoked since then PRAISE BE TO G-D, Y'SHUA HA'MASHIACH FOR HE IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR AND MY DELIVER.. I LOVE HIM SO...  G-D is just so amazing isn't HE? Ah-main.
P. S. I hope this isn't to long, I'm sorry if it is, as this is the only way I knew how to share it.  
LOVE in Y'shua's name
Jackie Bate      


Testimony by Mike Brooks

Shalom everyone from Hope of Israel!  My name is Mike Brooks.  I have attended Hope of Israel now for over a year now.  I have a Testimony to share with you all that deserves much Praise and Glory to go up to God through my Savior Yeshua who has cleansed me through his Blood on the Cross...Amen 

I work at Union Hospital and this last Shabbat I had to miss cause I had to work for a guy that is off sick, please keep him in your prayers his name is Chuck Logan.  At my job we are responsible for many things but one being the electrical power to the whole Hospital whether normal power or emergency power.  This is where I will call a miracle, from God, happened for me on Shabbat, August 4th 2007 at 6:40 PM.  I had just looked on our computer at a storm that was upon the hospital and went to the outside door and seen that it was raining pretty hard with lots of lightning.  So I went to turn on one of our four emergency generators that serves backup power to Emergency Room, Surgery, Lab, X-Ray and of course our Boiler room.  This is standard practice in case we lose power the switch over is so fast that the people in the Hospital only see a small Blink in the power.  After I had done this I went around a wall that devides our boiler room from our break area from the generators to sit down cause of the terrible heat.  All of a sudden I see coming at me on the floor is muddy water.  I run over around the wall to find the whole boiler room on that side laying in water.  I run over to the generator through all this water to find that these four holes that they had drilled on Friday about 4 to 6 inches in diameter leading to outside were gushing water in like someone flushing a fire hydrant.  Here is where the miracle happened and my prayer answered for protection from God: next to these holes is the emergency/normal power feed panel that feeds the electricity to the places I mentioned above.  If anyone knows anything about water and electricity it don't mix and causes breakers to trip and sometimes explosions.  All I thought was if this shorts out and I am standing in water I am going to be electricuted.  So off I go Praying really hard now and I get my lunch box where I keep my cell phone cause where our phones are there is water covering the floor.  I get to dry ground and make calls for help. We only have one guy per shift in the boiler room so I am there by myself.  I page for Maintenance stat and make calls to my boss.  So 40 minutes later help arrives and the rain slows down to a drizzle and the water coming on the electrical panel has slowed down and no longer splashing the panel.  I Praise God and give him thanks for several things here.  First I did not get hurt and the hospital never lost power and the electrical panel never shorted out or blew up.  By the natural there should've been an explosion or short occur, but by the supernatural of God's hand there was not and not only that with all the lightning we didn't even lose power so the other generators never had to come on cause God knew that I had my hands full and he took care of it all.  I just made a few phone calls but by the time my help got there God had it all under control.  Praise His Holy Name and Glory to Him Alone!!!!  Thanks for taking the time to read this, I know it was long but it was the only way I could tell it.  Shalom to you all and remember we are covered by the Blood of Yeshua what more could we ask for?  Amen.